LOW-IMPACT Transportation

 More than 30,000 people commute to and from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville Campuses on a daily basis. There are extensive environmental, social and economic impacts of moving this many people to and from our campuses. The Office for Sustainability's transportation work focuses on decreasing dependence on single occupancy automobiles while promoting more sustainable transportation options such as walking, biking, buses and carpooling.

Alternative transportation methods benefit the University community by easing traffic and parking demands while reducing our environmental impacts from our transportation habits. According to the 2015 University of Arkansas Transportation study 18 percent of UA affiliates engage in active transportation to and from campus. The University of Arkansas Office for Sustainability has adopted a goal of 25 percent active transportation mode share by the year 2020.

ped shed map

Commuter Menu

 Finding the appropriate mode of transportation for your commute depends on a variety of factors. For customized evaluation of your commute we invite you fill out a commuter scorecard. When planning your next trip, consider your walking, biking, and transit proximity to campus, which the map above illustrates.

Below are pre-made menus for popular apartment complexes. Check it out and see what the most fuel-efficient way is for you to get to campus!

Complex Best Method
Atmosphere Bike/E-Scooter
Beechwood Village Bike/E-Scooter
Champions' Club Bike/E-Scooter
Garden Park Bike/E-Scooter
Hill Place Bike/E-Scooter
North Creekside Bike/E-Scooter
Pierce Properties Bike/E-Scooter
Southern View Bike/E-Scooter
The Academy @ Frisco Bike/E-Scooter
The Avenue Bus + Walk
The Cardinal Bike/E-Scooter
The Links Bus + Walk
The Quarters on Razorback Bike/E-Scooter
The Row Bus + Walk
The Spectrum Bike/E-Scooter
The Vue Bike/E-Scooter
University House Bike/E-Scooter
Uptown Bike/E-Scooter
Younion Bike/E-Scooter
Name Best Method
Coming Soon Coming Soon