Electric Scooters

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The City Council of Fayetteville recently passed an ordinance allowing electric scooters (e-scooter) shares to operate within city limits. The University of Arkansas is coordinating to ensure a consistent and safe experience for e-scooter riders throughout the community. The following are guidelines for riding and parking scooters on campus. The comprehensive UA e-scooter regulations can be found here. SPIN and VEO are the two e-scooter providers in Fayetteville, and on campus. 

Rules for Riders

E-scooters can go where bikes can go—you can ride them on bike lanes, trails, the right side of the road, and sidewalks that are not adjacent to buildings. For the full text of the City's scooter ordinance, click here. Scooter riders should:

  • Always yield to pedestrians
  • Be respectful to pedestrians and avoid busy sidewalks
  • Never use your cell phone while riding
  • Be aware that the core of campus has a slow zone that brings scooters to a walking pace
  • Safely take the lane on slow streets around campus
  • Keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the bars
  • Be aware of your surroundings and never use headphones

Parking Scooters

  • Parked scooters should not block sidewalks, ramps, driveways, doorways, loading zones, or handicap access points
  • Consider the fact that people using wheel chairs need to navigate our community
  • Scooters must be upright when parked
  • Park scooters next to existing bike racks
  • Park on a solid surface to ensure that it stays upright
  • Please park where other e-scooter users might hope to find one
  • E-Scooter parking corral locations


Electric Vehicle charging


The University of Arkansas Office for Sustainability is partnering with UA Transit + Parking to update our facilities and install a more comprehensive network of charging stations around campus. If you're interested in having better access to EV charging, please let us know more about your specific needs. The UA campus currently has one electric vehicle charging station on Level 1 of the Garland parking garage (bottom floor), which requires no parking pass, but does cost $2.80/hr.  The charger has two J1772 plugs and can charge each car at a rate of 20mi/hr.  All users of this charger will need to use the ChargePoint app. That app is also a good way to remotely check if the two charging spots are available.


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commuter menu

Sustainable transportation starts at your doorstep. Making the choice to use alternative transportation can have many benefits, from personal help to carbon reduction. The majority of University of Arkansas students choose to walk, bicycle, carpool or take a bus to class rather than drive. These alternative modes of travel are more environmentally friendly, foster healthy lifestyles, and are less expensive than driving.

The Office for Sustainability offers a Commuter Menu, allowing students and faculty who regularly commute to the the University of Arkansas to receive a door-to-door comparison of all their transportation options. To receive your personalized menu, fill out the form below.