UA Natural Surface Trails

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UA Fayetteville Traverse

This trail is new defining feature on the UA Campus. The trail is an all ages and abilities natural surface trail that is part of the larger Fayetteville Traverse System. The trail runs from the Fowler House Lawn, through the Victory Garden south to lower Garland, connecting to the Freshman Experience. 



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Freshman Experience Trail

The first mountain bike trail built on the University of Arkansas Campus! The all ages and abilities 0.3-mile loop can be accessed from the Oak Ridge multi-use paved trail, which is a pathway that runs from the northwest corner of Clinton Drive and Harmon Avenue to a one-way section of Garland Avenue.



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Tsa La Gi Bike Park

This skill-building park features many different lines, from beginner to advanced, to help progress your mountain bike skills! Situated just off the Tsa La Gi trail, just south of MLK Jr Blvd, this bike park is the newest addition to the series of trails being built on the UA Campus. 



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Technology Park Trail

This to be built trail will serve as additional connectivity for the Fayetteville Traverse as well as an important link to the Research and Technology Park campus. It will be an approximate one mile natural surface loop, just off the Razorback Regional Greenway, south of 15th street.



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Oak Savanna Trail

Situated along Razorback Road and part of the trail connection to the Razorback Greenway, the Oak Savanna trail meanders through a grove of old oak trees, and is one of the few remaining upland prairies and savannas of the western Ozark Mountains. There is a stone terrace topping the hillside. 



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Fayetteville Traverse

A shared-use trail natural surface trail system, 17-20 miles long, that connects the natural character zone of the UA Campus with Markham Hill, Centennial Park, Kessler Mtn Regional Park, Arkansas Research Technology Park, Tsa La Gi Bike Park and various neighborhoods along the way. 



Adjacent trails

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Trail Etiquette

The following three signs are the key to a successful and respectful mountain bike ride! Please do not ride the trails if they are muddy, if you are leaving tread marks from your tires in the ground it is too muddy to ride. Stay on the trails, and do not litter. Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget your helmet!

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UREC Cycling

The University of Arkansas Recreation Center is a fantastic resource for all your biking needs. The full-service bike shop at UREC Outdoors offers everything from tube changes to complete overhauls, as well as "open stand time" for the do it yourself bike owners.  UREC also offers incredible opportunities to explore the beauty of the natural state with regular trips and outings and the chance to meet new people through the UREC Cycling Club.

The UREC bike shop also offers a variety of bike rentals from hybrids to mountain bikes. The current UREC mountain bike fleet is pictured below.

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Volunteer on Trails

These trails were built by professionals but are now maintained by volunteers. We can use your help! Visit our GivePulse page to get involved.


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