In 2017, Chartwells Dining incorporated a behind-the-scenes composting program in partnership with the city of Fayetteville. This program is the continuation of a successful composting pilot program in 2016. Chartwells is currently composting in Brough, Fulbright, Pomfret, and the Union dining halls. The program allows the UA to not only divert food waste from the landfill, but to reduce greenhouse gases released by decomposing waste. From 2016 to mid-2019, Chartwells has diverted approximately 252 tons of organic waste from the landfill!

A line graph showing the gradual increase in the composting rate from 2013 to 2019


Composting in Fayetteville

CoF Graphic

The City is working hard to meet an important goal of diverting at least 40% of all waste sent to the landfill by 2027. Composting is essential to this goal because food waste makes up 18% of the total waste Fayetteville sends to the landfill.

The dropped off food waste will be combined with the commercial food waste collection and processed into nutrient-rich compost available for purchase. For residential collection, City staff recommends placing materials in a lidded container and dropping off once a week to reduce odors.  

Recycling and Food Waste Drop-off ONLY (no yard waste)

Marion Orton Recycling Center
735 West North Street
Drop-off available 24/7

Happ Hollow Recycling Center
1420 S. Happy Hollow
Drop-off available 24/7

Food Waste Drop-off ONLY (no yard waste)

Margaret's Food Truck
704 Washington Avenue
Drop-off available 24/7

Trinity United Methodist Church
1021 W Sycamore Street
Drop-off available 24/7

Yacht Club on College
617 N College Ave
Drop-off available 24/7

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
2925 Old Missouri Road
Drop-off available 24/7

Read more about City of Fayetteville composting here.