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OFS Leadership



Eric Boles, Director

Eric Boles is Director of the UA Office for Sustainability and Executive Secretary of the UA Sustainability Council. He completed a M.S. degree in Biological Engineering in 2013 and specializes in science-based sustainability solutions. Eric is the co-founder of Paradigm Sustainability Solutions, which assists organizations with sustainability planning. He takes great pride in helping organizations acknowledge the importance of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

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Emma Armendariz, Active Transportation Coordinator

Emma Armendariz is the UA Active Transportation Coordinator, guiding our campus transportation systems towards a brighter future. She previously was the Sustainability and Bike Education Coordinator for Fayetteville Public Schools, and also a Fayetteville native and U of A Graduate. She is passionate about advocating for communities where people can safely pursue active lifestyles, and sharing the experience of a more fulfilling means of living than traditional methods of transportation.

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Todd Hansen, Office Manager

Todd Hansen serves as the leading graphic designer for the Office for Sustainability. He has had a particularly large role in the UA Sustainability Annual Reports as well as bicycle infrastructure and advocacy around campus. 

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OFS Interns


Melissa King

Caroline Cheek
Sudent Engagment

Ezri Rathbun
Data Collection