The Next Step

Through collaboration, the University of Arkansas has achieved key goals this past year. The Office for Sustainability’s promotion of zero waste and carbon neutrality has also led to the adoption of more effective policies by many on-campus groups, from small RSO’s to the entire UREC Outdoors’ department. The expansion of our recycling program to include all plastics, as well as the OFS’s continued efforts to encourage recycling during move-in, campus events, and throughout Greek Life, have significantly aided in the U of A’s Zero Waste goals. 2016 has also seen the foundations laid for the University of Arkansas to become both more Bike and Pollinator Friendly, major steps in establishing a truly “sustainable” identity for our campus. Additionally, the Sustainability courses and minor continue to reach an ever broader demographic of students, representing disciplines from psychology to finance to engineering. The University of Arkansas’ commitment to continuous improvement encompasses every aspect of campus   activities; our approach to sustainability is embedded in this philosophy.

What's next