Next Steps

As we look towards 2016 with high expectations, we also recognize the many accomplishments made in 2015. Great strides were made to spread awareness throughout our campus community of our Zero Waste and Carbon Neutrality commitments. The installation of the Combined Heat and Power System was another huge success. This system will reduce emissions considerably and push us further toward our carbon neutrality goal. The steadily increasing number of students enrolling in the Sustainability Academic Program shows a growing interest among the student population.

The hard work of the U of A community through 2015 has set the stage for an even more exciting set of accomplishments in 2016. We will be focusing on expansion of our recycling efforts and the development of organic waste composting projects. Carbon neutrality will become a more attainable goal as more buildings on campus are constructed or remodeled as LEED certified buildings. The University of Arkansas’ commitment to continuous improvement encompasses every aspect of campus activities; our approach to sustainability is embedded in this philosophy.


continuous improvemeent framework