Strategic Goal: Zero Waste

The University of Arkansas Sustainability Council approved the goal of becoming a zero waste intuition by 2021. This means that the entire U of A campus will reduce the waste it sends to the landfill by 90% by 2021. Although the goal is lofty, the University of Arkansas will leverage all of its facility resources, industry and municipal partnerships, and academic programs to achieve it.

In 2014, the Office for Sustainability aggregated Class IV solid waste and recycling data from Housing, Athletics, Facilities Management and the Arkansas Union. Preliminary data suggests the campus sends approximately 2,800 metric tons of waste to the landfill and recycles approximately 618 tons of class IV waste annually.

University of Arkansas 2014 Class I Waste by Sector

The majority of waste is being produced within Education and General Purpose Buildings, which are managed by Facilities Management. University of Arkansas Housing is a close second with 32% of total campus waste. Similarly, Facilities Management manages 55% of all recycling, followed by Athletics with 23%. The Office for Sustainability also conducted several waste audits to determine the amount of recyclable, non-recyclable and organic matter in the waste stream. We concluded that 28% of all material in the waste stream can be recycled, 31% can be composted, and 40% could not be composted or recycled at the present time.