Green Revolving Fund

The mission of the University of Arkansas Green Revolving Fund is to facilitate campus-wide engagement, inter-disciplinary collaboration and student-led initiatives that demonstrate environmental leadership and economic benefit. The GRF provides financing for implementing energy efficiency, sustainability, and other cost-savings projects. These savings are tracked and used to replenish the fund and help finance additional projects.

  1. Identify energy waste on campus
  2. Finance efficiency project with GRF
  3. Repay loan from energy savings, reinvest new monetary savings

The GRF's primary goal is to engage students, faculty, staff and donors toward the University's vision of becoming a global leader in sustainability education, research, innovation, and campus facilities.

Eligible projects are ones that:

  • Eligible projects must have a projected payback of seven years. All else being equal, projects with a shorter payback period will be given priority.
  • Projects must have a clear positive environmental impact (greenhouse gas reduction, resource reduction/conservation, or waste reduction). These benefits must have a cost-associated metric, such as reduction in metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCDE) per dollar
  • Projects must be sponsored by a University of Arkansas Faculty member.

How to Apply

Proposals are currently being accepted for the 2017-18 funding cycle. Please complete the form below to initiate the process. Office for Sustainability staff will assist in calculating the cost savings associated with your proposal.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office for Sustainability at

Green Revolving Fund Proposal