Graduate Assistants

James McCarty is a graduate student working on his PhD in Biological Engineering. Prior to that he was as a research associate for the Office for Sustainability and an intelligence officer in the United States Air Force. A double graduate of the Biological Engineering Department (B.S. & M.S.), James specializes in life cycle analysis work, corporate sustainability, water resources to include water quality, watershed modelling, best management practices and watershed planning. He has been responsible for managing several projects for the Office for Sustainability including an LCA for the peanut industry, an Urban SWAT model for the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, a watershed management plan for the Lake Conway-Point Remove Watershed Alliance, and has been an NSF REU undergraduate program mentor beginning in the summer of 2011. His current research centers on improving waste water treatment processes with new technologies. When he is not working you can find James working his garden or bees in his backyard, or floating some Ozark stream hunting for smallmouth.