Zero Waste Events

It All Started with Razorbash

razorbash waste bins

In August of 2014, that year's Razorbash event became the first event on campus to officially attempt to be a Zero Waste Event. Razorbash 2014 successfully diverted 76% of waste generated from the landfill, falling just short of the 90% required to be considered a Zero Waste Event. If an event on the scale of RazorBash, with over 200 vendors and organizations present, can come so close to Zero Waste on the first attempt, the average campus event can meet the challenge.

Why Host a Zero Waste Event?

  • Show your department or organization's commitment to sustainability
  • Gain a new angle for promoting your event
  • Have your event featured on social media by the OFS
  • Have your department or organization featured in the Zero Waste Hall of Fame
  • Help the University of Arkansas reach its Zero Waste Goal


Equipment Checkout

clearstream recycling receptacle

The Office for Sustainability can provide you with up to 20 Clearstream recycling receptacles to use at your event. You may also check out weighing and measuring equipment including bins, a tarp, bags, and a scale. Simply indicate the equipment you will need on the registration form as well as the time when you will pick up the items. All equipment rentals are free of charge and subject to our Equipment Checkout Policy.


Below is a set of signs to easily direct event attendees to dispose of their trash properly. The Office for Sustainability has five laminated copies of each sign available to check out. You may also print your own from the PDFs below (if the colors do not display correctly in your browser, download the files and print them from your PDF viewer).

zero waste event sign cans and bottles sign white paper sign mixed paper sign landfill sign compost sign

Please note: If you intend to collect organic materials for composting, you must make your own arrangements with a composting facility. The sign is provided for your convenience in the event that you are making your own composting arrangements.

Take advantage of our Zero Waste Event Banner to clearly communicate your zero waste goal to your attendees. The banner measures 6 feet by 2 feet and has grommets in all four corners for easy hanging.

zero waste event banner available for checkout