Think Outside the Bottle

12,000 bottles thrown the landfill each dayThink Outside the Bottle is an awareness campaign to reveal the social, environmental, and economic realities of purchasing and using bottled water.  The purchasing rates of bottled water continue to decrease while the student body increases.  The reasons for this drop are many but its certain that many people are beginning to realize the economic and environmental impacts of purchasing bottled water. 

Below are two projects that were developed under the TOB campaign. 

Water Bottle Sculpture Fall 2011

In 2011, a team of students and staff from the OCS created an enormous sculpture that contained approximately 12,000 empty water bottles.

This sculpture represents the number of bottles thrown into the landfill each day by the UA community. We encourage the faculty, staff, administration, and students to properly recycle their empty bottles or, more importantly, refrain from partaking in unsustainable lifestyles.

The bottle was assembled in front of the Arkansas Student Union for nearly four weeks in the Fall of 2011.  Thousands of students were able to view the bottle and it received the attention of several news outlets, both on campus and off campus.  We hope to have similar structures constructed and displayed in the future.

Know Your Water?

Know Your Water is a regional project designed to educate the campus body about the sources of their water.  We intend to educate the campus body on the economic and environmental sustainability issues surrounding water and the its consumption. The financial cost of bottled water is about 1,000 times more than tap water in Northwest Arkansas.  The environmental cost, in regards to the greenhouse gas emissions, of bottled water can sometimes be as much as 860 times more than tap water!

Our office partners with many regional associations to highlight one of our most precious resources in NWA.  

We hope to coincide our first Know Your Water with Earth Day in April of 2012.

Bottled Water Resources

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